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7 Tips to Find The Best Qualified Realtor

7 Tips to Find The Best Qualified Realtor


Qualified Realtor

Whether you’re buying or selling your home, your relationship with your real estate agent is an important one. It can make your home purchasing / selling experience either a wonderful one or a stressful one. Like any healthy relationship, the connection with your agent will require nurturing, open communication, and sometimes a little compromise. Here are seven ways to fall in love with your agent – in a totally platonic way.

1) Your agent wants to fall in love with you too.

You’ll likely be spending a significant amount of time with your local real estate agent especially if you’re a buyer looking in a competitive market – choosing the right one can make the process easier and much more successful. Keep in mind that a potential real estate agent is also interviewing you. Agents want to work with great clients that they can continue to serve over and over again, so be the kind of client that you would like to work with if you were the agent.

2) Do your due diligence when agent hunting.

If you get a funny feeling during your early interactions with a new real estate agent, they may not be the agent for you. You will want to make sure that you find an agent that will ALWAYS work in your best interest. Don’t worry, you’re not going to hurt their feelings; just be honest. While you’re searching for an agent, feel free to meet with as many as it takes to find someone you have strong chemistry with from the start to increase the likelihood of a positive experience. Just make sure you settle and commit when you’ve found “the one”!

3) Communication is key.

With any relationship in life, communication might just be the most important aspect of success. Be open, honest, and direct with your real estate agent. In the beginning, set the stage by being clear about what you’re expecting from your agent. If any concerns arise, share them right away and offer constructive feedback to help your agent better use their expertise to find your dream home or sell your current home.

4) If a seller doesn’t accept your offer, it might not be your agent’s fault.

If you’re a buyer, and the seller refuses your offer, it might not be your agent’s fault. Factor in the fact that you might be buying in a seller’s market or simply that your dream home may be highly sought after. Regardless of what you suspect may be at the root of your unsuccessful offer, make sure you ask your agent why they think the offer was rejected. From there, your agent can review what your options are for reassessing and trying again.

5) Your agent may not sell your home in record time.

Even if you’re in a hurry to get your home sold and your agent tells you they can sell fast, they can’t predict how quickly it will sell with absolute certainty. If you’re curious, you can compare their estimate with other local agents’ promises or guarantees to see if the two fall into the same range and check the history (DOM-days on market) of homes sold in your neighborhood recently. Ultimately, you can contribute to a quicker sale by lending your agent a helping hand to boost your home’s appeal with easy improvements like staging and making sure the home is easy for buyers to view.

6) Listen.

Your agent likely has a lot of experience, maybe even several years or decades of selling and finding homes for clients like you. When they have recommendations on pricing, curb appeal, or how to stage your home, listen with an open mind – it’s their job to deliver this expertise and give you the best real estate experience possible!

7) Be patient.

Chances are, your real estate agent has other clients. While agents do their best to represent everyone equally, try to be realistic about your requests and expectations. If you’ve been searching for a new home for months and haven’t found one you love yet, keep sharing honest and open information about what you’re looking for. If your home sale is taking longer than expected, ask for feedback from your agent on what potential homebuyers thought about your home. Above all, stay patient and remember to work with your agent, not against them.

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Not sure where to start? Connect with me and use these 7 tips to fall in love. Check out our other buyer and seller tips on my blog.

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