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Amazing Kitchen Colors To Consider For Your Remodel

Amazing Kitchen Colors To Consider For Your Remodel

Pristine white kitchens have been popular for years, especially when accented with marble or granite countertops and distinctive cabinet hardware. But the pendulum is swinging, home decorators say, as younger homeowners swap white kitchens, or kitchen cabinets, for a palette full of bold, sassy colors. Among the trendiest colors are deep, dark tones that beautifully offset stainless steel appliances. Consider the following colors when remodeling your kitchen before you sell:

Cobalt Blue

Designers are pairing this deep blue shade with white marble countertops, an oversized white subway tile backsplash and white or pewter-toned cabinet hardware to create a country-style vibe.


Call it deep red, brick or terracotta, this popular new tone makes a bold statement that originated in California’s mission-style homes. A patterned tile backsplash and black wrought iron hardware and accessories complete a Spanish-influenced ambience.

Emerald Green

No, Dorothy, it’s not the Emerald City but a deep green kitchen that more homeowners are going home to. Accented with black and white tiled floors, shiny brass fixtures and hardware— and often black marble counters and a Moroccan tile backsplash—this makes for a bold, sophisticated workspace. Switching out black marble for more rustic-colored countertops trades sophistication for a homey, old-world feel.

Stone Gray

The paint color trending in every room is also appearing in contemporary kitchens. Paired with pewter hardware, granite counters and accents of burnt orange or misty yellow, it suggests a breezy, understated elegance.

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