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Efficiently Relocate to Portland Metro Area

Efficiently Relocate to Portland Metro Area
Efficiently Relocate

Efficiently Relocate


You’re embarking on two exciting life adventures—a new job, and a new town or city! This certainly is an exciting time with plenty of fresh starts. Simultaneously making two significant changes like this can present a few challenges. Here are some ways to make your move quick and efficient so you can arrive excited and ready to go on day one of your new job.

1) Find out if your new Portland Metro Area job provides relocation services.

This should be your very first step; If your new employer is providing relocation services for you, you could save a significant amount of time, energy, and money. When moving services are provided, your new employer will likely have a preferred moving vendor that they’ve used in the past. This means that moving arrangements may be as simple as sharing your travel plans and key dates. Once your move to Portland is complete, be sure to share details about your experience with your company’s recommended movers.

If your new employer does not provide relocation services, your secondary action should be to ask about relocation assistance or related bonuses/expense compensation. Some Portland Metro Area companies might provide a lump sum of money to hires who are relocating in lieu of relocation services.

2) What to look for in a mover.

If your new employer doesn’t provide relocation services, and you’re not planning to do it all on your own, you’ll need to hire a professional mover. To find a credible mover, your best source will be your personal contacts. Be sure to ask your real estate agent, friends, and family who they’d recommend based on their own personal experiences with movers in the past.

Too many (or not enough) recommendations from friends and family? Search online for moving companies with offices near your current home and make sure to get an in-person estimate of how much your move will cost. Don’t rely solely on estimates from online calculators or from a company rep who hasn’t seen your home. If you’re considering a moving company that you’re unfamiliar with, ask for references.

Some movers do the packing for you, while other will expect you to have everything packed and ready to go on your own. Discuss the logistics and any associated costs with your mover up front to ensure you have time to prep for the latter scenario if necessary.

3) Determine if you have the time to drive your vehicle yourself.

Time is one of the biggest factors to consider when thinking about how to move your car to your new Portland Metro Area home. Depending on how far you’re traveling to relocate, it may not make sense to pay a professional vehicle mover. If you’re moving across the country and don’t have an extra week to make a road trip out of it, hiring a company that moves cars will be your best bet. They can provide you with the necessary paperwork and will help make the process run smoothly.

4) Figure out if you need temporary housing.

Where will you live when you arrive in Beaverton or Portland? Do you plan to rent for a while so you can scope out the area? Will you have time to make a few visits to your new community to search for housing? Find out if your new employer offers corporate housing and how much it costs and weigh all your options with a local Portland Metro Area realty pro.

5) Prepare in the weeks and days before.

The more you can get done ahead of time to prepare for moving out of your current home and into your new community, the better. Once you know where you’ll be living, you can start getting your new home set up by doing things like arranging for internet/cable service and turning on other essential utilities. If you’re packing on your own, doing a little each day in the weeks leading up to your move will make the process feel much more manageable than doing it all at once.

6) Keep valuables safe.

When using movers, it’s best to travel with your valuables. Moving companies are used to moving valuables, and will document everything they move along with the condition in which it arrives at your new home– but, for peace of mind, it’s easier to pack up any cherished jewelry or important belongings as items you’ll bring with you personally to your new home.

7) Pack an overnight bag with essentials.

Whether you’re using movers or moving yourself, packing a few days’ worth of clothes and essentials will make your trip more comfortable. If your movers are delayed for any reason, you’ll have all the clothes and toiletries you need on hand until your belongings arrive.

Tip: If you expect to start work at your new job shortly after you’re planning to complete your move, make sure to pack some workplace-appropriate attire just in case things don’t go according to plan!

Ready to get started on this exciting new chapter of your life? Reach out to your local realty specialist for help relocating to Portland Metro Area for your new job! While you’re preparing for the big move, check out more Beaverton area home-buying and lifestyle tips on the blog.


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