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Danny DiPietro Testimonial

Danny DiPietro Testimonial

We worked with Trish and Jamohl primarily but Scott also helped out periodically. All three of them were exceptional throughout the process. If they did not have an answer for one of the many questions my wife and I had, they would promptly find a solution to satisfy my question or need. I very much appreciate Trish’s direct approach and honest answers/opinions. Buying and selling a house is very stressful but Trish and Jamohl made it as seamless as possible.

Although Jamohl is new to real estate, I found him to be very helpful and approachable. I leaned on Jamohl a lot with several questions and he always found an answer or a solution to my problem or need.

Danny DiPietro
Police Officer

Jamohl DeWald

One of my greatest joys as a real estate professional is handing over the keys of ownership to a first-time home buyer. As an experienced agent, I understand that preparation is important to avoid missteps with that first home purchase. I’m here to help with navigating the waters of those potential missteps.

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