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Dr. Ojah Testimonial

Dr. Ojah Testimonial

5 star
Bought a Single Family home in 2017 in Portland, OR.

This was our first buy of an old house and we were frequently confused by how different things worked this time around. Jamohl almost held our hands and guided us through the buying process, especially when we were confused and tried to go astray. In our target buying market, promptness is the key to success and Jamohl was right on the money all the time. We were 100% certain that if we asked him a question by phone or mail, his response would be prompt, even at midnight. Such was his full immersion with us, that we cannot tell you when he went out of the way to help us – it seemed like a lot of times. Not only did he help us buy a house, he also helped us get repair services after the buying process. Due to his thorough guidance, we were able to complete the home buying process – from the day we recruited him to the day we closed on the house – in about 2 months. We were able to make an offer on a house through him and be accepted right away even before the house showed up on the very competitive Portland market. We were able to avoid a bidding war and also be reimbursed partly by the seller for the repairs we thought were necessary to move into the house.

Profile picture for Jamohl DeWaldResponse from Jamohl DeWald on 07/20/2017

Thank you for the kind words and taking the time to write a review of my services!


Dr. Ojah

Jamohl DeWald

One of my greatest joys as a real estate professional is handing over the keys of ownership to a first-time home buyer. As an experienced agent, I understand that preparation is important to avoid missteps with that first home purchase. I’m here to help with navigating the waters of those potential missteps.

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