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Ryan Alverdes Testimonial

Ryan Alverdes Testimonial

Ryan Alverdes Testimonial

08/26/2017 – ralverde

Sold a Single Family home in 2017 in Portland, OR.

I have worked with five different realtors now over my lifetime, and (prior to working with Jamohl) I always felt like the transaction went in the realtor’s favor. There was always pressure to do one thing or another that didn’t benefit us as the buyer or seller – “just don’t worry about that,”  “take the deal,” “you can figure that out later” – you probably have had an experience like this if you have ever bought or sold a property. When it was all said and done, I would feel like I had an agent that was working for their best interests, and not for mine. We actually had to fire our first realtor on this most recent transaction because he showed zero care for us and clearly was not capable of any of the basics. We contacted Jamohl on the recommendation of a friend and were instantly happy we did. I know the difference between working with someone that is just doing a job and someone that truly wants to help the people he or she is working with, and Jamohl is clearly the latter. Jamohl is right in that perfect position where he has been doing this long enough with enough transactions behind him where he knows what he’s doing, and new enough to be working hard to one day earn his place as a true legend of the metro market. I truly think that I care so much about the people I work with in my business and work really hard for them, but Jamohl truly puts me to shame. We had some relatively big issues on both the buying and selling side of things, and either deal could have fallen through (including the most difficult buyers I have ever dealt with), but losing our dream house or a buyer for the house we were selling was clearly not an option for Jamohl. We got everything we asked for on both sides of the transaction, and it took very little work on our part. Jamohl will err on the side of not losing the place you’re in love with, I think, and rightfully so. You need to decide what position you are willing to put yourself in, and he will represent you accordingly. I have plenty of great things to say about Jamohl, and I haven’t said it all, but I’ve gone on long enough. Again, Jamohl is the first agent I’d be happy to recommend, and I very strongly recommend that if you have any real estate needs you contact him. Oh, and Eleete offers some great additional benefits that you won’t always find elsewhere. We love our new house. Really, I have more great things to say, so feel free to contact me if you’d like to hear me go on and on even more.

Profile picture for Jamohl DeWaldResponse from Jamohl DeWald on 08/30/2017

Thank you for the kind words, Ryan! It was my pleasure!

I also represented Ryan as a buyer on this beautiful home!

Ryan Alverdes Testimonial

Ryan Alverdes
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Jamohl DeWald

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